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Jerusalem Patriarch met with the President of Palestine

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abas welcomed the recent statements by the head of the Jerusalem Church that the international community should protect Christians in the Holy Places during a meeting with the Primate. It is reported by orthodoxianewsagency.gr.

As the President noted, the State of Palestine will continue to support the people of Jerusalem and will protect Islamic and Christian holy places from the attacks they are subjected to by radical groups.

Patriarch Theophilus thanked the Palestinian President, confirming that the Patriarchs and heads of the Churches of Jerusalem have decided to launch an international campaign that will describe the Christian world, not forgetting the attacks that are being made on the holy city. In particular, with regard to Orthodox real estate, which is in danger of being seized by radical groups in Omar Ibn Al-Khattab Square, in the city of Jaffa in Jerusalem, which is the main route of pilgrims to the holy year of the Lord, to the Holy Sepulcher and various monasteries, and also the process of cultural and historical identity of the New City region.

In addition, His Beatitude noted that he would loudly declare especially at this time of the year, during the Christmas holidays, to confirm that the Holy Places are not only the land of the Nativity of Christ, but also the land where Christianity was born, and added that the whole world is responsible for the survival of Christians in the Holy Places and in the Middle East in general.

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