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  5. “Activation of the Pentarchy” will lead to the final split of 2-3 Churches of the “Greek bloc”, – publicist

“Activation of the Pentarchy” will lead to the final split of 2-3 Churches of the “Greek bloc”, – publicist

The Phanar, fearing responsibility for his lawlessness that he committed in Ukraine and not wanting to hear the voices of other local Churches demanding the convening of a church-wide discussion of the situation, can go so far as to declare that all issues of church-wide significance can only be resolved by representatives of the ancient patriarchates + the Archdiocese of Cyprus.

This means that, in fact, the intention is to strike in the rights of 2/3 of all existing local Churches. And it is natural that no one, except for the “Greek bloc”, will accept such an idea, which means that an attempt to implement such an idea will mean a conscious and final split. The pentarchy included the Jerusalem Patriarchate, Constantinople, Alexandria and Antioch + Rome, which went into schism and which is now being proposed to be replaced by the CypOC.

At the same time, in the Constantinople diptych, there are 14 local Churches, not counting the schismatics of the OCU. 9 of them will not just not accept this idea, but will condemn Bartholomew, and of the remaining 5, I have serious doubts that the Patriarchates of Antioch and Jerusalem will want to go for this scam. That is, in the end, all this can really converge to the unification of three structures (ConstP + AlexP + CypOC), which just recognized the schismatics, are members of the “Greek bloc”, and to which everyone has questions now.

In addition, I very much doubt that in the Church of Cyprus will also go for it, because now the Primate of this Church has a very fragile majority in the synod, and any hierarch from his support who doubts the need to support leaving the schism will immediately give an advantage to the opposition, which categorically opposes the recognition of schismatics in Ukraine.

Summing up, this will lead to the unification of 2-3 churches of the Greek bloc, which, in fact, will announce a split with all the local Churches. There is no benefit from this – this is just an attempt to escape from the conciliar condemnation for the crimes committed.


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