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  5. Greek hierarch accused the Russian Orthodox Church of “hegemonism”

Greek hierarch accused the Russian Orthodox Church of “hegemonism”

Metropolitan Hierotheos of Navpaktos and St. Blasiev said that he had studied the minutes of the Meetings of Orthodox Churches for 30 years and wrote a study in which he attempts to blame the Russian Orthodox Church for the situation in modern Orthodoxy, claiming that it “creates various problems.” The text is published by Vima orthodoxias.

“Russia, both ecclesiastically and politically, through various statements of its representatives, makes the Ecumenical Patriarch responsible for granting autocephaly to two schismatic groups when intervening and pressured by American politics. With regard to this assessment, he takes various actions that undermine the unity of the Church, ”writes the Greek theologian.

According to him, “from 1993 (29 years to the present day) the Russian Church has been creating various problems.”

“Reading the minutes clearly shows the problem of ethnophyletism, which oppresses, because it does not benefit the Church, but also the hegemonic tendency of the Russian Church. In the midst of these difficulties, the Ecumenical Patriarchate tries very hard to exercise the deacon’s presidency, which was determined by the fathers of the Ecumenical Councils and the subsequent timeless tradition of the Church.

Therefore, the responsibility for failure to resolve the issue of granting autocephaly to the Church in the synodal order rests with the tactics of the Russian side, and not with belated foreign policy intervention, ”he writes.

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