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“The lists were not published for security reasons” – social networks

… someone demanded to publish the lists of priests who had transferred to the ROC. For what? – and “to check whether the Greek bishop said the truth, that they are all, they say, forbidden, old calendarists and other” rabble “.

To the question – how can this be checked simply by the lists of a person sitting in the social network and why it is necessary, the answers were within the framework of omnipotence, they say, well, let’s look at the dioceses and so on.

I said that nothing can be seen from the lists, and they are not published for security reasons, and that Africa is not just for you.

The coordinator of the Kenyan priests died in an accident yesterday. The impact on the driver is very powerful. There may be a coincidence – the investigation will show.

The first Christmas in Africa according to the Russian calendar.


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