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Hovorun said that African clerics are “consumable goods”

The post-state cleric of the Russian Orthodox Church, Archimandrite Kirill (Hovorun), discerned a neo-colonial trend on the African continent. Hovorun also believes that the deviation of the Patriarch of Alexandria Theodore into a schism in connection with the recognition of the Phanar project in Ukraine “was only an excuse, a gift of fate.” The archimandrite published his remarks in Telegram.

“It is this new Scramble for Africa that Russia now wants to participate in so that to catch up with the lost time during the first “scramble” in the 19th century. The church immediately offered its help. Moreover, the recognition of the OCU by the Alexandrian Patriarchate was not the reason, but an excuse for the synodal decision to open the African Exarchate. It was a real gift from destiny.

But something prompts me that people, including accepted African clerics, are at best only decorations, and at worst, consumable goods. Canonism and church-wide unity have already become such consumables,” says Hovorun.

Earlier it was noted that it is necessary to publish direct comments from the clergy of the Alexandrian Patriarchate who left the schism and were accepted in the ROC.

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