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“This is a declaration of war, the Greek churches will react,” – Andrey Kuraev

The ROC cleric Andrei Kuraev, banned from ministry, believes that the decision of the ROC Synod to form its structures in Africa is temporary, and also that “it has not been explained why they are no longer reckoned with” with the Alexandrian patriarch. In addition, Kuraev prophesies a “war with the Greeks.” Kuraev outlined his ideas about the decision of the Synod in the “Live Journal“.

“This is very trendy: pushing your “red lines” as far as Antarctica further. Moreover: while Putin is hesitating to introduce his provisional administration in Ukraine, the patriarch has already done this in Africa, calling it Klin-on-Nile…

…For the sake of decency, the patriarchal media could bring a bunch of interviews with these African clerics with stories about how unbearable for them to live under the yoke of Greek bishops. And it is also a “rise in the degree and rates.” This is a sure way to rally the entire African episcopate around the Alexandrian patriarch.

And all the Greek churches, Jerusalem and Cyprus will no longer be able to pretend that everyone in the Orthodox house is friendly. Moreover, this is undoubtedly a canonically significant act, and it will force the synods of the Greek churches to decide to break with Cyril.

Until now, the break up was one-sided – only from his side. Yes, this is a declaration of war,” writes Andrey Kuraev.

As previously reported, the center of one of the dioceses of the Russian Orthodox Church in Africa will be located in Johannesburg.

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