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Should you celebrate Christmas with all of Europe?

The controversy over the celebration of Christmas has once again divided Ukrainian society. People do not realize that the issue of the date of the celebration of Christmas itself is not an isolated separate issue, that it can and should be considered only in the context of the general issue of calendar reform. This was stated by the rector of the Kiev Theological Academy and Seminary, Bishop Sylvester of Belgorod.

“If you postpone the date of the celebration of Christmas, then you need to postpone the dates of all other (except Easter) Orthodox holidays. Do those eager to celebrate Christmas “with all of Europe” understand that they will eventually have to abandon the usual date of a number of not just religious holidays, but those that have become part of the cultural identification of Ukrainians? For example, the feast of the Protection of the Most Holy Theotokos, ”the hierarch explained.

“The alignment with the European format of celebrating Christmas, where the traditional Christmas – Christmas – has long been sharpened for entertainment, which turns Christmas ultimately” into a seasonal interior decoration “(Umberto Eco’s expression) is not the best ideal for a large part of religious Ukraine”, – says Bishop Sylvester.

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