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  5. SBU reported to Poroshenko how many churches “transferred” to the OCU

SBU reported to Poroshenko how many churches “transferred” to the OCU

The laws passed under Poroshenko put the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in a discriminatory position. There is no longer any massive seizures of churches: there is no request from the authorities for this. Poroshenko considered this to be his important task and the entire branch of government from Kiev to the village had to carry out. This was told by the non-factional deputy Vadim Novinsky, according to Pershy Kozatsky.

“There were special curators in the APU, SBU, Ministry of Internal Affairs, government. They oversaw the issue and reported to Poroshenko how many churches were seized today, how many types passed into the new quasi-church of the OCU,” he said.

“If before the change in the legislation the fate of the parish was decided by the parishioners – believers, members of the church community, now it is the villagers who decide. This is nonsense, delirium of a madman. But such a norm was introduced into the legislation by Petro Poroshenko, his inner circle,” he added.

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