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Filaret will appoint the new “bishops” in the USA and Moldova

On December 13, 2021, during the “bishops’ council” of the restored UOC-KP, it was decided to perform two more “episcopal consecrations” in Kyiv.

This is reported by the official website of the “Kyiv Patriarchate”.

As previously assumed, Filaret will put one of the “hierarchs” in the vicariate of the United States and Canada. The second one will strengthen the position of the Kyiv Patriarchate in Moldova.

“The Secretary of the Vicariate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kyiv Patriarchate in the USA and Canada, Hieromonk Luka (Zgoba), shall be elected Bishop of Philadelphia, Vicar of the Kyiv Diocese.

At the request of Archbishop Filaret of Falesti and Eastern Moldova, to elect Archimandrite Aviv (Panku) as Bishop of Riscani, vicar of the Eastern Moldovan Diocese,” the“ bishops’ council” decided.

As previously reported, the second diocese of the Greek schismatic church of the Old Calendarists became part of the UOC-KP.

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