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“Light” blackmail: if the ROC refuses to meet with Pope Francis, will he go to “catholicize” Ukraine?

Pope Francis’s words about his readiness to pay a visit to Moscow and about his expectation of a new meeting with Patriarch Kirill are a manifestation of the Vatican’s blackmail in relation to the Russian Orthodox Church, writes the Chrisma Center.

“The fact is that the pope has long been open about his interest in communicating with the Russian patriarch again. In light of the approaching 2025 and the emergence of new loud calls from the Vatican and Phanar to “restore unity” between the Orthodox and Catholic Churches. The Pope apparently wants to get the Russian Church to agree to participate in this ecumenical project. Agreeing on the conditions is also required in view of the non-participation of the Russian Orthodox Church in the work of the Mixed Theological Commission on Orthodox-Catholic Dialogue since 2018.

By his statements, the Pope seems to be pushing the Moscow Patriarchate towards agreement and recognition of the inevitability of an imminent meeting of the heads of the two churches. It is no coincidence that the pope’s wording should suggest the existence of preliminary corresponding agreements between the Vatican and the Russian Orthodox Church. The denial of such agreements, voiced by Metropolitan Hilarion, puts the pope in an awkward position, so it is more likely aimed at an internal audience in order to calm the flock expressing well-founded fears by trying to involve the Russian Church in dubious ecumenical projects.

The head of the DECR is expected to give an answer to the Pope himself in the 20th of December. And it seems that regardless of its content, the Vatican will benefit. Either the Pope meets with Patriarch Kirill and the Primate of the Russian Church accepts the ecumenical conditions of Rome (not for the sake of joint photographs for the Pope to meet with the Patriarch), or, if the Russian Church refuses to meet, the Pontiff visits Ukraine, where he is called and where the authorities, Uniates are waiting for him. , nationalists, etc., which will strengthen the process of Catholicization of Ukraine.

As a result, we have such a “light” blackmail from dad, “writes the Telegram channel.

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