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The priest who called the Pope a heretic was Protopresbyter John Diotis

The Greek priest who loudly called Pope Francis a heretic during his visit to Greece was Protopresbyter John Diotis, Chrism Center reports.

“He is known for his letter to the Holy Synods of Local Orthodox Churches in 2019 with an appeal not to recognize the OCU. Let’s hope that we will not lose our friends in the Local Autocephalous Churches by participating in various “Havana” projects,” the Telegram channel said.

Earlier it was reported that the Greek priest, theologian and writer Protopresbyter John K. Diotis said that the OCU is a pseudo-ecclesiological malignant formation created by Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople and has nothing to do with the real autocephaly of the Orthodox Patriarchates and other Autocephalous Orthodox Churches.

John Diotis also addressed a public letter to the head of the Greek Orthodox Church with a request to provide him with materials for study, according to which the EOC commissions came to the conclusion that the OCU could be recognized. He stated that he is addressing as a clergyman, theologian, journalist, writer and publisher, researching the Ukrainian crisis and preparing to edit materials in a book about the actions of Patriarch Bartholomew.


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