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The “hierarch” of the OCU said that he was against forced vaccination

In his sermon, the “Metropolitan” of the OCU of Lutsk and Volynsk Mikhail Zinkevich said that the fight against coronavirus involves the imprisonment of a person and the redirection of financial flows. The video was published by the channel Orthodoxy Volyn.

“I am against the forced vaccination not only of parishioners, in general of the entire population, because the disease exists, it is necessary to fight it, as with many other diseases: heart, etc. Because there are many different diseases. We do not do this by force, we are leaving freedom, so violence must not be made, “Zinkevich said.

“You remember how I told you a long time ago, and then there was not even a vaccination. The fight against coronavirus assumed: to deprive a person of freedom and redirect financial flows. And this is confirmed today … I have had a coronavirus, have not had a coronavirus, have a vaccination , you don’t have why I don’t have the right to go to a store, to a cinema, to some other house, to a cafe, or to any institution, “he added.

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