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The Phanar’s protege in the Czech Republic continues his raider actions – Telegram

According to the Telegram channels “The Orthodox Chekh” and “Pravoslavné Česko”, the Czech supporters of the OCU schismatics, led by Isaiah Slaninka, continue to seize the Orthodox church in honor of St. Viacheslav the Czech in Brno.

Slaninka used the signature of the 95-year-old Archbishop of Olomouc Simeon again, and Archbishop was under his full control. Slaninka establishing himself as the rector of the Brno church.

Since yesterday, Slaninka, at the expense of the parish, has hired a round-the-clock guard of the temple, who hung a chain on the front door. In today’s television news, Slaninka justifies his actions by the fact that he is the head of the diocese and has the right to such decisions.

In fact, Slaninka does everything only in the name of Archbishop Simeon, who is actually imprisoned under his supervision.

“Obviously, the issue with Slaninka should already be decided by the Czech criminal police!”

Data on the number of parishes and monasteries in the Diocese of Olomouc – a total of 28 parishes and 3 monasteries are currently registered; 11 parishes have been closed recently, 9 of them were closed by Slaninka.

Immediately after the seizure of the Olomouc Diocese, Slaninka made himself the head of 4 parishes (not counting the recently captured Brno church) and 3 monasteries, including two women’s (the dates of the seizure of parishes and monasteries are underlined in red). Quite recently, Slaninka, trying to cover up the raider seizure of parishes, appointed people who were close and completely subordinate to himself as the rector of 1 parish and 2 monasteries (the date of the change is underlined in green). Interestingly, from 01.07.2021 the monastery in honor of St. Ludmila in Brno is ruled by 95-year-old Archbishop Simeon of Olomouc – does he know about this?

As previously reported, Isaiah Slaninka attended the “divine service” of the OCU in Kyiv.

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