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The OCU decided to “hand over” Kulyk, – social networks

Intrigue in the OCU… According to sources from Epiphany Dumenko’s entourage, the latter was very angry at Adrian Kulyk, who beat up his neighbor, but was angry not for beating a woman, but for the fact that Adrian, on his page in FB, called Epiphany a “doll” in the hands of Yevstratiy, and then called Yevstratiy – “a cannibal” and the seller of his father.

The vengeful Epiphany told Yevstratiy Zorya to use all his acquaintance in the authorities so that “the law enforcement officers gave Adrian a full blow.” The command went to “tear up”. It is clear that there will be no talk of pardoning Kulyk in a year. Dumenko not only remembers the smallest resentment addressed to him, but also notes everything down.

Epiphany has recently become too sensitive to any criticism addressed to him. As they say, this is due to the fact that he begins to understand that he has no authority among the episcopate of the Greek metropolis and it is possible that in the near future the question of holding a local council of the OCU (promised immediately after receiving the tomos) will arise, which should elect a primate in the OCU.

After all, Epiphany was not elected at a local council and therefore does not have legitimacy as the head of the OCU. In fact, for the third year, he has been in the status of only the acting primate.

Considering that during his duties as the head of the OCU, he led the Greek metropolis into a dead end, the vengeful and notorious Dumenko chose the path of repression, intimidation and struggle against those who dare to publicly express their opinion about his stupid policy, which leads to the marginalization of the OCU.

Eyewitnesses claim that it was Zorya who suggested Epiphany to make such a public sacrifice out of Adrian Kulyk – to strictly publicly punish him in front of the OCU episcopate so that the bishops would sit like mice under a broom.

It is interesting that after the moral or criminal destruction of Adrian Kulyk (who, of course, brought trouble upon himself by his behavior), in fact, it is not Epiphany who wins, but Yevstratiy.

The bishops of the OCU will see that Epiphany Dumenko is not only a puppet in the hands of Zorya, but also a vengeful, petty tyrant, and this will make him even more dependent on the red-haired intriguer. The hierarchs have long stopped laughing at the phrase that “Epiphany works as the head of the OCU under Yevstratiy,” because they understand that this is not a joke, but a shameful reality.



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