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Istanbul Convention will create tension in society, – hierarch of the UOC

Yesterday, a news item was published on the website of the President of Ukraine entitled: “Volodymyr Zelenskyy stands for Ukraine’s accession to the Istanbul Convention.”

This document, supposedly designed to contribute to the fight against domestic violence, will in fact have a significant impact on the values ​​traditional for our people. Thus, it introduces the concept of “gender”, which poses a direct threat to the institution of the family and, ultimately, to our society, formed under the influence of Christianity. That is why all Christian confessions and religious organizations in general and the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in particular have repeatedly opposed the ratification of the Istanbul Convention and the implementation of its principles in Ukrainian society. Until that time, the authorities of our state listened to the believing people of Ukraine, which constitutes the overwhelming majority of its citizens.

We hope that this time too, the people’s representatives will not support the introduction on the territory of our country of a document that poses a direct threat to the Christian and traditional values ​​of our people. We draw the attention of officials to the horrifying demographic indicators, which clearly indicate that the number of the population of Ukraine is rapidly decreasing. That is why one should consider introducing initiatives that would promote fertility, rather than reduce it.

In addition, today our State more than ever needs consolidation and unity. Documents like the Istanbul Convention will only create tension in society and lead to an increase in conflicts and disputes.

Bishop Baryshevsky Victor (Kotsaba)

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