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Who will be the successor to Patriarch Bartholomew?

At Phanar, they are already discussing the candidacies of hierarchs who will replace Patriarch Bartholomew. It is possible that he went to the United States to make his choice. Has the issue been resolved? Russian Athens reflects on who will become the successor of Patriarch Bartholomew.

The fact that Patriarch Bartholomew is sick has been known for a long time. It is interesting that in America, Patriarch Bartholomew said at least twice that he always “keeps a possible resignation in mind,” although he later denied this, the newspaper writes.

Two people are named among the main candidates: the archebishop of the American Elpidophoros (Lambriniadis) and the Metropolitan of Chalcedon Emmanuel (Adamakis).

Adamakis is a longtime favorite of the Phanar chapter. It was his synod of the Church of Constantinople who appointed him to the second most important see in the patriarchate – Chalcedon, giving him the title of “Metropolitan Geronda”. Adamakis is supported by the hierarchs of the Patriarchate of Constantinople living in Europe. However, Emmanuel also has a very significant “minus” – he is not a citizen of Turkey.

The White House is on the side of Elpidophorus (Lambriniadis). This hierarch has direct links with the upper strata of the American government. Thanks to his connections, Lambriniadis helped arrange meetings of the President of Greece and Patriarch Bartholomew with the President of the United States. In addition, rumors have long been circulating that the US government is using Elpidophor to negotiate with Erdogan.

Patriarch Bartholomew, when choosing a successor, has to keep in mind not only America, his biggest problem is not there now. The biggest problem is the Russian Orthodox Church and the issue of recognition of the OCU by other Local Churches. The second problem is the Cretan Church, in which the issue of the Primate’s succession has not yet been resolved. And the third problem is the Church of Greece, which by all its actions shows that it has a great desire to finally get full, and not declared independence from the Phanar. These are the problems that the new Patriarch of Constantinople will have to deal with. Is Archbishop Elpidophoros suitable for solving them? Doubtful, experts say.

Therefore, Metropolitan Emmanuel of Chalcedon is seen as a more suitable candidate for the post of the future head of the Phanar. Unless, of course, some unforeseen circumstances intervene. For example, another candidate coming out of the shadows – Metropolitan Demetrius (Kommatas) of Prinkiponis, who is supported by the majority of hierarchs living in Turkey, the newspaper writes.

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