“It is necessary to remind about fasting”: the Volyn “Metropolitan” congratulated those who switched to the new style

For those who celebrate Christmas on December 25, fasting should be started earlier, recalled the “Metropolitan” of the OCU Mikhail Zinkevich. The website of the Volyn diocese of the OCU reports.

“We congratulate Christians who began the Nativity Fast on November 15 and will celebrate the birth of Christ the Savior together with Europe,” the message says.

Calendar differences, according to Zinkevich, “should not cause quarrels in Ukraine.”

“Our Church must support and respect both one and the other.” The main thing in this process is that the fast is observed. It doesn’t matter when you start, but it’s important how you will observe it, ”says the Metropolitan.

As previously reported, in 2019, in the Volyn diocese, the OCU decided to celebrate Christmas on December 25 and January 7, and the entire period – from December 25 to January 7 – should be considered Christmas holidays. For this, Zinkevich received a reprimand from the OCU Synod.

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