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“Bishop” UAPPC died in road accident in Lutsk

In Lutsk, the “bishop” of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church Oleg Medvedenko got into a terrible accident – his leg was almost blown off, writes “News of Lutsk and Volyn. Konkurent”. On the morning of November 15, he died as a result of injuries sustained in the accident.

On November 14, at about 22:00, a drunk 22-year-old resident of the village of Zhidichin Savich Roman Viktorovich shot down the “bishop”. Due to speeding, the driver’s car skidded. The car was thrown onto the curb, where he hit a pedestrian – “bishop” Oleg Medvedenko.

Oleg Medvedenko was seriously injured, from a blow he suffered a traumatic amputation of the lower third of his right leg. Also, the pelvis is crushed, lung injury, traumatic brain injury.

The driver tried to escape from the scene, but was detained by patrolmen. According to eyewitnesses, the blow was so strong that the pedestrian was thrown back almost 20 meters.

The Ukrainian Apostolic Orthodox Church (or Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church – Apostolic) is a small Orthodox religious organization in Ukraine that emerged in 2001 after Bishop Mykhailo Dutkevich left the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church. UAOC is outside the Eucharistic communion with the Universal Orthodoxy.

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