UGCC opposed Ukrainian oligarchs

Activity continues to grow in the Vatican-UGCC-Ukrainian government triangle. After a meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, during which the question of the Pope’s visit to Kiev was discussed, the head of the Uniates went to an audience with the pontiff, write Pravblog.

Against the background of Shevchuk’s usual rhetoric, criticism of the Ukrainian oligarchs, who “kill small and medium-sized businesses,” stood out.

There may be two points behind these words.

The first is that the head of the UGCC (after Pope Francis’ communication with Biden) decided to play along with the American line of pressure on Kolomoisky (which automatically puts the UGCC in the position of clear opponents of not only this particular oligarch, but also Zelensky, who is closely associated with him).

The second – Shevchuk plays on the side of the President of Ukraine, who is trying to crush the local oligarchs under him (which is a bonus for Zelensky, creates conditions for receiving additional preferences from the Ukrainian government, and also forms the correct information background for Bankova, attracting the authority of the Pope).

Time will tell which of these options is closer to the truth.

However, once again, it touches the ability of the Uniates to be flexible in certain issues. After all, when, for example, they took funds from Dmitry Firtash for their own needs, the question of the same “murder of small and medium-sized businesses” somehow did not arise. Strange, isn’t it?

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