Fanar intrigues

The Orthodox Times, one of the mouthpieces of the Patriarchate of Constantinople, has posted interesting material in the Opinion section that can be considered a certain signal for the target audience, writes Pravblog.

The note says that Patriarch Bartholomew has high hopes for the head of the Greek Archdiocese in the United States. The latter was honored with flattering characteristics from the Turkish hierarch and received gratitude for organizing the visit of a delegation of Phanariots to the United States.

This attitude upset Metropolitan Emmanuel of Chalcedon, who tried to position himself during his stay on American soil as “number 2” in the hierarchy of the Patriarchate of Constantinople. According to the author of the material, Bartholomew, with the help of Elpidifor’s praise, simply made it clear to Emmanuel his real status – “forever second.”

For the role of the first – after the departure of the current head of the Phanar – both the head of the Greek Archdiocese in the United States and a number of “young and ambitious” hierarchs will apply.

Apparently, Bartholomew intends to keep the intrigue to the end, playing on the lust for power of different centers of power in his environment. After all, if the vassals compete with each other, they will not have time to weave a global conspiracy against their lord …

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