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  5. Because of the OCU’s aggression, American believers of the UOC-KP are afraid to go to Ukraine, – social networks

Because of the OCU’s aggression, American believers of the UOC-KP are afraid to go to Ukraine, – social networks

The OCU only imitated the “punishment” of the person involved in the criminal chronicle, “Bishop” Adrian Kulik, and threaten the “patriarch” Filaret and the head of his structure in the United States. As noted on the Facebook page “For the Ukrainian Church,” adherent to the UOC-KP, Kulik was only “suspended” before the meeting of the OCU synod, with the hope that after a while everyone will forget about it. As for the restoration of Filaret’s structures abroad, they began to disturb not only the OCU, but also the Phanariots.

“It is important that in this situation, American citizens loyal to the UOC-KP, having read the decree with threats from Epiphany Dumenko to Patriarch Filaret and Hieromonk Luka, seeing the aggressive actions of the representatives of the OCU episcopate, now fear for their lives and health during trips to Ukraine, the life of their spiritual leader – Patriarch Filaret. Due to the actions of the headless and power-hungry leader of the OCU, Ukraine’s image in the world suffers. Therefore, representatives of the Ukrainian authorities, listening to Epiphany’s requests, must understand this, ”the publication says.

“Epiphanius did not develop the OCU in two years. His lack of experience, elementary knowledge, education, ability to think strategically, concentration on the love of money, material things, drove the Metropolitanate into a corner. This is understood by most of the episcopate of the OCU. The chief, Patriarch Bartholomew, also understands this. Therefore, Epiphanius is trying with all his might to shift the responsibility for the failure of the OCU project onto someone else. In this case – on Patriarch Filaret. The OCU adherents are already openly inciting interreligious conflicts, hitting people, threatening, taking away other people’s property. There are many facts about this. Under such conditions, the Ukrainian authorities should be especially careful in cooperation with the Greek OCU, ”the authors say.

As previously reported, the diocese of Greek Old Calendarists was transferred to the UOC-KP.

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