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There is no overt pressure on the Church in Ukraine now, – Vadym Novinsky

A member of the Ukrainian Parliament Vadim Novinsky in an interview with lenta.ru noted that the current atmosphere in society is much easier for the Church than it had been before Petro Poroshenko lost the presidential election. This is reported by Glavkom.

“If we compare the atmosphere in society in 2019 and now, these are, as they say, two big differences. Under Poroshenko, there was a policy of gross blackmail, intimidation of the clergy, the seizure of churches with the help of the Security Service of Ukraine and the radical nationalists controlled by it,” the politician said.

He also noted that now there is no such overt pressure on the Church as under Poroshenko. However, the current government does not take steps aimed at ensuring interfaith peace and harmony in Ukraine.

The politician expressed hope that a number of acts, which, in his opinion, “discriminated against the UOC-MP,” will be cancelled.

Distinguished guests will also speak at the international scientific and theological conference “Theology and secular sciences: traditional and new relationships”, which is taking place these days at the Kazan Theological Seminary.

Novinsky also said that he did not understand some of the steps of the Ukrainian authorities, in particular, the invitation to celebrate the 30th anniversary of independence to Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople. The politician thinks the patriarch “is not a figure that can be perceived as an indisputable moral authority or a unifying factor.” He also mentioned “the flirtation of power with the Vatican.”

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