The name “Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine” is artificial and manipulative, – the speaker of the UOC

Constantly in the rhetoric of the OCU, picked up by the secular media and directed against our Church, this distortion of the name of our Ukrainian Orthodox Church sounds. The distortion is artificial, manipulative, and unfounded. Archpriest Nikolai Danilevich, Deputy Chairman of the Information and Educational Department of the UOC, wrote about this in his Telegram channel.

“You will not find such a name or such an official phrase in any official canonical and legal documents of the UOC and ROC, as well as in any state registration documents (neither Ukrainian nor Russian). This is an invention of the OCU propagandists. You can actually sue for this. And it’s high time.

2. If we apply the logic that they apply to us (they say we have a canonical connection with the ROC, supposedly the center of the UOC is in Moscow, and therefore we should be called “ROCVU”), then on the same basis it is much easier to “OCU” to call it the “Turkish Church in Ukraine”, since their connection with the Patriarchate of Constantinople, whose center is located in Istanbul (Turkey), is directly spelled out in the tomos. It is obvious that their accusations against us are absurd, which they are throwing into our information space and the people. <…>

3. In many comments and discussions, they prove that the UOC allegedly captured their name. But this is an outright lie, since our schismatics were called whatever they like in their history (UAOC, UOC-KP, VCU), but not the UOC. And in fact, their desire to seize our name is an open and impudent raiding, ”writes the UOC speaker.

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