Silence of the Lambs, or how “OCU”, Phanar and Greek Catholics implement a new union

The latest statements by representatives of the “OCU” and Greek Catholics about the need to unite into one structure with a single “patriarch” at the head is, in fact, the renewal of the old Uniate scheme for the unification of Ukrainian confessions, writes Pravblog.

Note that if we talk about the merger of the UGCC and the conglomerate of Ukrainian schismatics, then for them dogmatic differences have never been a problem. <…>

The only, but serious, obstacle to their merger or unification was the fact that the schismatics were schismatics – a non-canonical organization with no chance of recognition. Plus, Filaret’s ambitions could prevent the absorption of the Orthodox by Catholics (Uniates).

However, as we know, this “annoying” circumstance for the Uniates was removed with the light hand of Patriarch Bartholomew, who, with a stroke of the pen, suddenly turned the hopelessly anti-canonical gathering into a sort of “Orthodox Church of Ukraine” (at the same time neutralizing Filaret, who was fixated on his power). And the UOC declared it to be non-existent (that is, from the point of view of the Phanar and the Uniates, for the implementation of the union now only the “OCU” is needed, and the UOC can be ignored).

Now, in their opinion, nothing prevents the creation of a new Uniate chimera. Even the fact that the “OCU” does not recognize the absolute majority of the Local Orthodox Churches. They do not recognize it, but they do not break Eucharistic communion with Constantinople either. And such a passive position of the Orthodox world only plays into the hands of Catholics and Patriarch Bartholomew.

Therefore, they are in a hurry to implement a new union, while other Orthodox hierarchs are pulling rubber and producing empty statements about the need for dialogue and preservation of unity. As if not noticing that Patriarch Bartholomew has not agreed to any dialogue for a long time and is not going to discuss with anyone, ”writes the Telegram channel.

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