What Biden and Bartholomew discussed in the White House

During the meeting of US President Joe Biden with Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople, among other issues, the OCU issue was discussed, as well as interfaith dialogue with the RCC, writes Orthodox times.

Sources of the publication report that in addition to “the fight against climate change, steps to end the global pandemic COVID-19 and the importance of religious freedom,” as stated by the White House press service, other issues were discussed.

Thus, the head of the Phanar told Biden about “the importance of interfaith dialogue with the Roman Catholic Church and other Christian denominations.”

Bartholomew also presented a joint initiative with the RCC and the Anglican Church to provide vaccines to Third World countries “that cannot afford them.”

In addition, the meeting raised the issue of “systematic steps of the Moscow Patriarchate against the Ecumenical Patriarchate.”

“Concrete actions taken under the pretext of granting self-determination to the Orthodox Church of Ukraine contradict the ecclesiological order of things and undermine the unity of Orthodoxy. During the discussion, it was revealed that the American factor was dissatisfied with the non-constructive role of Russia, ”the newspaper writes.

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