Patriarch Bartholomew accused the UOC of “dividing Ukrainian society”

Another lie of Patriarch Bartholomew, which he voiced in his interview, is the assertion that the UOC “refused to promote unity” by refusing to participate in the so-called. “A unifying cathedral”, writes Pravblog.

“Firstly, the organizers of this council did not even plan that the entire episcopate of the UOC would take part in it, creating a majority of votes. Because this would foil Filaret’s plans to vote for his protege – Epiphany Dumenko – with the help of which he hoped to continue to rule the already “united” Church. He would simply refuse to sign the document on the dissolution of the “Kiev Patriarchate”. Similarly, the rest of the “hierarchs” of the “UAOC” and “Kyiv Patriarchate” would not agree to the option when a representative of the UOC would be at the head of the “OCU”. The real plan of the Greeks was to attract about 10-15 bishops of the UOC in order to create the appearance of uniting the three “branches” of Ukrainian Orthodoxy.

Secondly, the UOC refused to participate in this gathering, not because it did not want unity, but because its canonical status was zero. And Patriarch Bartholomew is silent about the fact that from the point of view of the canons, there could be no “unification council”. <…>

Thirdly, Patriarch Bartholomew is lying when he claims that it is allegedly due to the non-participation of the UOC in his adventure that the Ukrainian society was divided, and the UOC found itself in “church loneliness.” In fact, Ukrainian society was divided back in 1992, when Filaret split the Church and created a parallel UOC structure. And the so-called. The “unification council” only deepened this division, since it gave the schismatics carte blanche for violence against the canonical Church. It is the UOC that is the injured party – churches are taken away from it, its believers are beaten and subjected to other forms of discrimination. Therefore, it is the OCU that divides the society, and not vice versa, ”writes the Telegram channel.

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