Patriarch Bartholomew showed his incapacity to negotiate

The head of the Church of Constantinople demonstrates an extreme degree of intransigence and aggressiveness. In an interview with the Cypriot newspaper Politis, he said that he was not going to change his position on Ukraine and placed all the blame for the current crisis in Orthodoxy on the ROC and the UOC, writes Pravblog.

“This interview is yet another proof of Patriarch Bartholomew’s inability to negotiate and his unwillingness to make any concessions on the Ukrainian issue. Even the smallest.

In this context, the deepening of the internal conflict in Orthodoxy is inevitable. But Patriarch Bartholomew, it seems, is not afraid of the conflict.

One of the reasons for such self-confident behavior of the head of Phanar, in our opinion, is his complete confidence in the support of his actions by the US State Department. He can deny his geopolitical involvement as much as he likes (he reiterated this in his interview), but the fact that he enjoys the support of the United States in his own interests is an obvious fact.

In general, to deny the connection with geopolitics against the background of your large-scale visit to the United States and meetings with American politicians is the 80th level of hypocrisy. Does he really think that the Local Orthodox Churches are blind and do not understand what is happening? ” – writes the Telegram channel.

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