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The expert said that the UOC “prevents Ukrainians from vaccinating”

The head of the expert group on the provision of emergency medical care of the Directorate of Medical Services of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Oleksandr Danilyuk, in an interview with UNICEF expert Yekaterina Bulavinova, said that, in his opinion, it affects the low level of vaccination against coronavirus among Ukrainians, DFU reports.

When asked “what, according to the expert, influences the decision of Ukrainians who, despite the increase in the number of COVID-19 patients in the country, do not want to be vaccinated?” the religious organization of the aggressor country brought people out about the fact that it is impossible to vaccinate. Such a network of its pseudo-religious structure is almost all over the country, but where there is the least amount of vaccination, they are most effective there. From there their leaders “, – the publication quotes the words of the representative of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine …

The expert emphasized that in rural areas the situation with vaccination is worse: “In cities with vaccinations it is better, but there is already being influenced by fake information in the media, which, again, in most cases are Russian-language resources. This also comes from the east, much more. And it also affects. “

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