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The head of the UOC-KP strikes back

The Patriarchate of Constantinople continues to reap the fruits of its adventure in the Ukrainian direction. A new headache was added to the split within the OCU. “Patriarch” Filaret took under his wing an entire “diocese” of Greek Old Calendarists, writes Pravblog.

“This is a fairly large structural unit, numbering“ 70 clergymen, 50 monks working in 10 monasteries ”.

The most unpleasant thing for Phanar is that the Old Calendarists are schismatics. Moreover, this split affecting Greece is an extremely sensitive problem for the Church of Greece, which sided with the Istanbulites in the issue of recognizing the OCU.

In light of this, we can safely say that Filaret, by his decision, put a huge pig on Constantinople. After all, everyone remembers very well who exactly “restored” Denisenko as a “legitimate bishop”. As well as the fact that he is still considered the “hierarch” of the “OCU” – the brainchild of Patriarch Bartholomew and the church he leads, “writes the Telegram channel.

On October 23, 2021, the head of the liquidated “Kyiv Patriarchate” Filaret Denisenko held a council of his restored structure, where the request of the “Metropolitan” of Aeginsky and Poros Auxentius to accept him and his diocese into the UOC-KP was considered.

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