The bishop of the UOC told what the interference of the authorities in the life of the Church leads to

The history of the last century has shown that any religious structure created by the authorities will sooner or later disappear. Bishop Viktor (Kotsaba) of Baryshevsky spoke about this, writes Phraza.

Vladyka spoke about the feat of the holy martyr Archpriest Nikolai Fedorovich of Kazan (1874 – 1942).

According to him, the life feat of Father Nikolai is somewhat reminiscent of the events that we are witnessing today. “Renovationism was initiated and created by the state, therefore its rejection, in the opinion of Soviet officials, indicated hostility towards the authorities. And in our time, a person who remains faithful to the Church, in the eyes of pseudo-patriots, becomes an enemy of the state, ”Vladyka explained.

On the other hand, Bishop Victor noted, we also see that when the authorities interfere in the internal life of the Church, this does not lead to anything good either for the state or for the common people. “The history of the last century has already shown that any religious structure created by the authorities sooner or later disappears,” he concluded.

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