Syumar predicts mass deaths due to failed vaccinations

Member of the parliament Victoria Syumar writes about the failed vaccination campaign in a blog on the social network, Fakty reports.

“Those religious denominations that have now chosen stories about “chips” and Armageddon instead of popularizing vaccination (as the Catholic Church, the UGCC and the OCU do) are committing a crime. This is not about God, this is about the predestination of people to conscious suicide. And everyone knows who and what is preaching…

It’s time to talk about the real situation, show hospitals, tell stories to covid and convince… that Coronovac is a good old vaccine, almost like for a flu with a virus deactivated. That Pfizer and Moderna are modern RNA vaccines that provide a high level of protection and are, in fact, a breakthrough in medicine. And that Pfizer is allowed in the US for 12-year-olds.

Without this, in the next month we may lose more than the Russian-Ukrainian war took… Many thousands of victims. It’s scary,” the people’s deputy predicts.

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