Head of the Church of Moldova on the adoption of the Istanbul Convention: It is unacceptable to adopt laws that contradict history, Orthodox faith, culture and morality

Metropolitan of Chisinau and All Moldova Vladimir spoke about the adoption of the Istanbul Convention, writes the Chrism Center.

“In such a critical situation, it is completely unacceptable to promote and adopt laws that contradict history, the Orthodox faith, culture and morality, as well as the two thousand-year traditions of our people.

The pastoral mission of the Church, her divine and moral-spiritual mission is to serve her people, take care of them, lead them in the true light of Christ to spiritual, moral and social perfection. It is the duty of the Church to warn the secular authorities of the danger of wrong laws, concepts and actions for the people. Separation of right and left, right and wrong, good and bad, rich and poor, is inadmissible, ”said Metropolitan Volodymyr.

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