Has the State Ethnopolitics been saluted?

The instant reaction of the State Service for Ethnopolitics and Freedom of Conscience to the complaint of the head of the OCU Epiphany Dumenko that the authorities “do not allow” the communities of the UOC to transfer to the OCU, commented on Pravblog.

“While the UOC communities have been paying attention for more than one year to the actions of the“ black registrars ”and to the problems with the legality of those assemblies at which people not related to the community vote for“ transitions ”to the“ OCU ”.

Why are the repeated complaints of believers of the UOC (voiced at the level of different branches of government) ignored by the GESC, while the media suddenly drew attention to Dumenko’s statement?

Is it because the order came from above to assist the OCU in all its whims? <…>

Let’s hope that the leadership of the GESS still has some kind of conscience and they will not multiply the suffering of the believers of the UOC, who are fighting against injustice and arbitrariness of local officials, ”writes the Telegram channel.

Formerly the Civil Service for Ethnopolitics and freedom of conscience, headed by Elena Bogdan, promptly responded to the statements of the leader of the “OCU” Epiphany Dumenko about blocking the re-registration of communities of the UOC in the “OCU” in the Kiev region. Promising an “independent analysis” of the submitted documents and assistance in dialogue with the Regional State Administration.

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