State Service for Ethnic Policy will check the actions of local authorities during the “transition” of communities from the UOC to the OCU

The State Service for Ethnic Policy and Freedom of Conscience (SEFC) will conduct an independent analysis of the actions of local authorities in case of problems during the “transition” from the UOC to the OCU, according to the SEFC page on Facebook.

“In connection with the dissemination of information in the media about obstacles on the part of regional state administrations, in particular Kiev, religious communities to change subordination from the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in unity with the Moscow Patriarchate to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Orthodox Church of Ukraine), State Service of Ukraine for Ethnopolitics and Freedom Conscience (SEFC ) draws the attention of religious communities to the possibility of submitting documents for an independent professional analysis of the HESS, ”the State Service writes.

Earlier, Epiphanius complained that in the Kiev region there is no transition from the UOC to the OCU and said that the authorities were to blame for this.

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