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On Modern Idolatry

Is there anything in common between the Gospel and nationalism turning into Nazism? But it is the idol of Nazism that demands bloody sacrifices from modern people, writes Metropolitan Luka of Zaporozhye and Melitopol in his Telegram channel.

“The people who serve him seize our churches and call to kill those who remain faithful to Christ. The idol of comfort, prosperity and pleasure is abundantly saturated with the blood of innocent children. Millions of abortions are the price of a carefree life of pleasure. But this is not enough for him, he wants new victims. Therefore, it requires legalizing euthanasia.

Baptized children of five or six years of age are already preparing for the holiday of Halloween. Their parents did not even teach them to be baptized, they do not know “Our Father”, but they choose a more terrible mask for themselves in order to look like some demon. The media teach how to dance in a circle on Ivan Kupala, how to jump over a fire. But no one will tell people that this bonfire can once become an eternal tribe in which a person will burn, but not burn. There is no death. And depending on how you live in time, you will receive in eternity.

Each of us has an altar in our souls on which we put incense from the incense of our feelings, thoughts and desires. This is our spiritual heart. If there is no mercy, sacrifice, love and prayer of repentance, egoism, selfishness, sensual pleasures and other incense will begin to smoke on it to the idols of “lust of the flesh”, “lust of the eyes” and “pride of life.” That is why the apostle warns us today – do not make your heart an idol’s temple, do not enslave yourself to Satan, do not serve the world,” the hierarch writes.

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