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Hierarch of the UOC – about an interview with “Metropolitan” Epiphany Dumenko

Repeated diligent illustration by the interviewee of a thesis promoted by one Russian politician. Yes, that Ukraine is now anti-Russia. An essential part of the conversation is devoted to comparing your organization with the ROC;

A funny looking parrot, to the place and not to the place, the repetition of the slogan “Vidkrita church”. Explain to him someone, please, what it means, otherwise he memorized it well, but does not know how to use it. Yes, and also explain what love is. And then he has a hard time with this term;

Raiding will continue. And these are not excesses on the ground, but a distinctly voiced official doctrine. Playing a fool who does not know about the participation of various camouflaged activists in “voluntary transitions” looks quite organic, but will not convince anyone. Again, tell someone to him that there is the Internet, all kinds of YouTube, and that his words, supported by propaganda from the TV channel of the Minister of Culture, are not enough to convince people otherwise;

The OCU has no parishioners. When asked whether a cathedral would be built in Kiev, the answer was that Mikhailovsky was quite enough. Who was not there, come in, see its dimensions;

Reflection on the betrayal of the one who betrayed the Church in 1992. Filaret. And confusion about what to do with him next and how to treat him now.

Everything is with Poroshenko. Obviously, the former president, having fulfilled his role, was thrown out of the OCU as an unusable product.

Out of the funny – without a shadow of a smile, in all seriousness it was told about the overwhelming support of the OCU in the Kharkiv region and about the Lavra fraternity, half consisting of cryptoptsushniks;

Summary? I remembered the Monk Paisios of Athos and his words about spiritual nobility, that the Holy Spirit makes the simplest people ascetic to Christ real aristocrats. In a political organization, such a transformation is impossible …

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