The OCU supporters try to break into the church in Novozhivotiv

On the morning of October 14, 2021, at the walls of the captured Holy Protection Church in Novozhivotov, the supporters of the OCU tried to disrupt the reading of the akathist of the UOC community, informs Pershyj Kozatskyj.

On the day of its patronal feast, the Orthodox community is forced to pray at the closed doors of its ancient shrine.

“Many law enforcers have arrived. The police have already “decided” on the parties to the conflict. Immediately, upon entering the territory of the church, the question is asked: “Are you for the Ukrainian or for the Russian Church?” Local adherents of the OCU are also in place. On October 5, Epiphany’s supporters cut off the locks on the doors of the Holy Intercession Church,” the message says.

Later, the  journalists reported that the presence of two cars of the National Guard did not prevent the OCU activists from attempting to break into the temple.

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