OCU supporters cut the locks on the church in Novozhivotovo

Supporters of the OCU of the village of Novozhivotov, Vinnitsa region, again tore down the locks on the Holy Intercession Church. The rector, Archpriest Pyotr Monastyrsky, informed the First Cossack about this.

On October 3, Sunday, a group of Epiphany’s supporters cut and replaced the locks on the Holy Intercession Church.

Already on October 5, they entered the captured shrine and locked themselves in the room.

The Orthodox community and the abbot called the police. After a long skirmish, the raiders agreed to let the police chief into the temple.

Supporters of the OCU refer to the court decision of September 6, in which the judges partially satisfied the demands of the OCU adherents. The court refused to demand that Epiphany’s supporters give them the keys, but ordered representatives of the Tulchin diocese of the UOC not to prevent the raiders from accessing the shrine.

At the moment, new locks hang on the seized church, hung by the adherents of the OCU, and the access of the Orthodox community to their church is blocked.

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