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Phanar fears replacement of the Patriarch of Alexandria

The Orthodox Times, one of the mouthpieces of the Patriarchate of Constantinople, published material describing the fears of the Istanbulites about “the plans of the Russian Orthodox Church to replace Patriarch Theodore.” The material was commented on by Pravblog.

“By writing such material, the profanar forces shot themselves in the leg. After all, it is another evidence of the fact that within the Local Churches that have joined the recognition of the OCU, there is no internal unity on the issue of the legitimacy of the legalization of Ukrainian schismatics. This, in turn, creates a powerful opposition and resistance to the primates, who have drawn their Churches in support of the anti-canonical actions of the Phanar.

Therefore, the formation of a request to replace Patriarch Theodore looks completely understandable and expected (this will not only contribute to the cancellation of the decision to recognize the OCU, but will also allow the Alexandrian Patriarchate to return to the canonical field). And such a replacement will by no means be a consequence of the activity of the “hand of Moscow”, but a logical completion of the path of the hierarch who betrayed Orthodoxy, ”writes the Telegram channel.

Earlier, the Orthodox Times reported that the decision of the Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church on the possible admission under its omophorion of clerics of the Church of Alexandria who do not agree with the decision of Patriarch Theodore to recognize the OCU pursues different goals, and none of them is obvious, writes referring to its sources in Moscow, the resource claims that one of the goals of this statement is “to create such a separatist movement in order to put pressure on Patriarch Theodore to overturn his decision on the” Epiphany Church “in Ukraine.”

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