“We do not agree with new decisions discrediting the Church”: a hierarch from Moldova opposed new sanitary measures

Archbishop Peter of Ungheni and Nisporen, hierarch of the Orthodox Church of Moldova, has made an official appeal in connection with the new sanitary measures introduced on September 22 by the National Emergency Commission of Public Health of the Republic of Moldova, the Chrism Center writes.

Religious organizations are advised to conduct outdoor services whenever possible, and it is also instructed to limit the number of worshipers, ensure social distancing and wearing masks, disinfect hands and premises, etc. Clause 12.7 provides for “avoiding contact and kissing with religious objects.”

Archbishop Peter of Unghensky and Nisporen, in his address to state bodies and health care institutions, stated that “The Church and its religious activities cannot be placed on a par with all secular institutions and activities.” The bishop emphasized: “whenever offensive laws and decisions are made against the Church and her holiness, I will answer so many times.”

Earlier, in the official communiqué of the Orthodox Church of Moldova it was said that the Church supports the efforts of the state to fight the disease, believes that vaccination against coronavirus should be carried out on a voluntary basis and with proper information about vaccines.

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