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  5. The community of the cathedral of the UOC-KP in the USA held an annual meeting

The community of the cathedral of the UOC-KP in the USA held an annual meeting

On September 26, 2021, in the stauropegial cathedral of St. Nicholas of the UOC-KP, in Philadelphia (USA), an annual meeting was held, which was attended by all members of the parish, as well as those who have recently joined the community. This was reported on the page of the UOC-KP on Facebook.

Traditionally, for the annual meeting, elections were held for the parish council, the current members of which was re-elected for 2021-2022. This is Thomas Genny, President; Susan Guz, Vice President; Helen Ganavin, Treasurer; Frank Borriello, secretary.

Continuing the meeting, the rector of the cathedral, Bohdan Zgoba, presented an annual report on the activities of the community, in particular, on granting the church the status of a cathedral and on his appointment as the new secretary of the Vicariate of the UOC-KP in the USA and Canada.

They also discussed the preparation of charity events, the funds from which, in particular, will be used to purchase liturgical utensils. In addition, the meeting thanked the family that more than a hundred years ago became the founder of the cathedral in Philadelphia.

As previously reported, about a third of the clergy of the UOC-KP in the United States remained in the jurisdiction of the “patriarch” Filaret Denisenko.

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