Why hysteria occurs in the ranks of the OCU and Phanar propagandists

Everything is really simple: they see that the position of the Cypriot Church in relation to the Ukrainian schism is changing, they know that Theodore recognized the schismatics under the pressure of financial issues and compromising evidence, and that if he realizes that his structure can split and collapse because of this – this can become a powerful factor that can lead Theodore to the fact that, for the sake of the integrity of the structure, he will be ready to have his American friends dump all the incriminating evidence and, if necessary, retire.

Indeed, for each primate, the integrity of his local Church is a very significant issue. Therefore, I do not even doubt that Feodor is already now, perhaps, trying to make some contacts with the ROC, to make some contacts with clergy wishing to leave for the ROC in order to find a way out of this situation. For more than a year he behaved disgracefully by doing very indecent acts and hoping that there would be no reaction. Of course, he did it, as a rule, not of his own free will, but already following the lead of the Phanaro-American team, but does this cancel the severity of his actions?

Both the Phanariots, as well as the State Department, and the OCU understand perfectly well that Theodore, in a crisis in his own Church, can spit on the presence of compromising evidence on him and the environment, and simply begin to save the integrity of the Church, even if for this it will be necessary to retire so that those who have compromising materials have lost the ability to exert further pressure.

And this means that not only the OCU project is bursting at all the seams – this is a colossal blow to the papal ambitions of Bartholomew, tk. if the Church in its entirety recognizes anti-canonical actions in relation to Ukrainian schismatics, then the one who committed them, i.e. Bartholomew. And in such conditions, shouting and demanding papal powers would be somehow inappropriate.

Religion and politics. Alexander Voznesensky

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