How do we see the Ecumenical Patriarchate today?

Phanar’s theology has completely turned into a kind of ideology, in which each of the social programs of the “New World Order” finds its “theological” substantiation and justification, writes Darko Jogo, Stavrophoric Archpriest, Doctor of Theological Sciences, Professor of the Orthodox Theological Faculty named after St. Basil of Ostrog University in East Sarajevo in an analytical article published by DECR ROC.

“Whether it’s fluid attitudes about gender and gender identity, or the complex issues of American social policy or the promotion of a green patriarch, Phanar has always found itself on the same line with the Deep State. Consciously and proudly. Consequently, the fact that Phanar is the ideological branch of the US State Department is more offending to the people that Phanar has trained in our local Churches than the Greek metropolitans, who arrange their statements and their “theology” in accordance with the current ideological and political course, emanating from Washington.

How, then, should we relate to Phanar today? Should we see it as an ancient patriarchy, a pan-Hellenic institution, or an office for the destruction of the Orthodox Church under the direct control of the Department of State?

Today his deeds speak for Phanar. Currently acting solely as the Office of the Department of State, it implements this agenda in the Greek churches thanks to the authority of the Panhellenic institution and disguises everything under the guise of ancient patriarchy. And this is the whole truth,” the theologian writes.

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