“It’s not about the OCU, they have their own conflicts,” – a propagandist about the position of the hierarchs of the Church of Cyprus

The propagandists of the OCU finally recognized the existing problem with the actual split in the Churches, which partially recognized the Phanar`s project in Ukraine. However, now the “experts” say that “the matter is not in the OCU,” but in internal issues within the hierarchy of these Churches, writes the RP.

“As long as they do not create a parallel hierarchy, do not elect their own primate, this is not a formal split. But we have a rather serious signal, when the hierarchs refuse to serve with their Primate, informally this can be considered a schism. However, the question arises here: is this really happening because of the OCU, or does the Cypriot Church have its own internal conflict? It seems to me that the issue is not so much in the OCU, but in the fact that they have an internal conflict. And the OCU is simply used as a screen,” said religious scholar Dmitry Gorevoy, writing off the problem as a “question of money.”

He also noted the poor health of the current head of the Church of Cyprus, Chrysostomos, who is sick and underwent another operation in May 2021. “Frankly speaking, everyone understands that after a while the office of the head of the Church of Cyprus will be vacant, so a certain game of different clans and forces is taking place. I think that this part of the hierarchs who are guided by Moscow probably want to knock out something for themselves from those future elections. As far as I understand, pre-election trades are underway. And I think that they can go not only with the Russians, but also with the Phanar,” Gorevoy expresses his assumptions.

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