The only way to overcome the split is to properly “diagnose” Phanar’s actions

Colleagues from the “Religion Today” channel were somewhat surprised by their statements that the possible tough decisions of the forthcoming Council of Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church in relation to the Patriarchate of Constantinople will aggravate the schism in the Orthodox world.

As if there was no invasion of Ukraine by Constantinople, “restoration” of the “priesthood” of mummers of the laity from the “UOC-KP” and “UAOC”.

What is more important, as if not Constantinople for decades has been trampling on the foundations of Orthodox ecclesiology, forcing the other Local Churches to recognize their “primacy without equals.”

A proper canonical assessment of the actions and the new teaching of the Phanar by the Council of Bishops (many theologians from different Churches, including at a recent conference in Moscow, unequivocally point out that Constantinople has long embarked on the path of the heresy of papism) – this will not “aggravate the schism”, but the only way to overcome it. Because the appropriate decision of the Council, in medical terms, will make an accurate diagnosis of the disease that struck Constantinople and some other Churches, without which there can be no complete cure.

We assume that colleagues simply expressed themselves unsuccessfully, meaning something else. Therefore, let us ask “Religion Today” – what, in your opinion, should be the position of the Russian Church in relation to the Patriarchate of Constantinople? What should our Church do in order not to exacerbate the schism, but to overcome it?

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