During the builders` protests in Australia, the Phanar hierarch urged not to close temples for the unvaccinated

On September 21, 2021, along with violent protests against the compulsory vaccination of construction workers in Australia, the local Phanar hierarch, Archbishop Makarios of Australia (Griniezakis) also appealed to the country’s bishops and clergy not to introduce segregation between vaccinated and unvaccinated believers. It is reported by orthodoxtimes.

Among other things, the archbishop noted that vaccination against COVID-19 and all vaccinations are questions of medicine and science. He says, the Church listened to the experts: “we call on our people to be vaccinated, not forcing anyone, respecting the freedom of every person.”

Regarding the idea of ​​banning the entry of unvaccinated faithful to places of worship in Australia, the archbishop noted that he personally would never agree to a measure that divides believers into vaccinated and unvaccinated. “The doors of our churches will be open to everyone. I do not agree that there will be people who want to come to church, but we will not let them in,” says the hierarch.

Also, he said, a specific action plan to ensure the admission of unvaccinated believers to temples will be submitted by the Australian Archdiocese to the relevant Australian states, along with a statement on the right of everyone to attend church.

photo Mail Online

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