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  5. “The OCU will not become a patriarchate”, – the UOC KP hierarch

“The OCU will not become a patriarchate”, – the UOC KP hierarch

The “metropolitan” of the UOC-KP Ioasaf Shibaev, who remained in Filaret’s structure after the founding of the OCU, believes that the promises of the Phanar project in Ukraine to receive the status of patriarchy have no justification. Shibaev writes about this on Facebook.

“On what basis do they say that there will be a patriarchy? Based on what they want? As you know, the road to hell spreads with desires! First, sell your patriarchy, and then wait, it will “be again”?! It will never be without a struggle for it. The Kyiv Patriarchate went through all those stages of the struggle, all that remained was its recognition by other Churches…  only the betrayal of a small handful of upstarts nullified this huge accumulated potential. These upstarts bought their “high” position based on lies at the price of betraying the interests of the Church.

And, if we talk about the further path, then we need to return to that turn from the road of truth to the road of lies. And to build again what was destroyed by human madness… everything in the OCU is built on the foundation of lies and cannot become a part of the Church. No matter how and whoever tries to do it,” said Filaret’s supporter.

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