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Ethnic “papism” of the Patriarchate of Constantinople

The publicist Sergei Khudiev drew attention to one important aspect related to the promotion of the concept of “Eastern papism” by Phanar. According to him, there is a striking difference between the Vatican and Constantinople in terms of building the architecture of power, writes Pravblog.

“If the RCC is a supranational structure in which the pope can come from any country, and he is elected by a college of cardinals representing the entire Catholic world, then Phanar follows the course of rigid ethnophyletism, speaking of the primacy of the Greek nation in Orthodoxy.

In this light, the confirmation of his supremacy by Constantinople would mean for the Orthodox world the concentration of all the fullness of church power in the hands of a narrow group that has a clearly expressed ethnic character and puts the principles of nationalism above religious categories.

As a result, a Greek will always be elected as the head of world Orthodoxy, representatives of other nations will receive the status of “permanent subordinates”, and all managerial and other strategic decisions at the inter-Orthodox level will be a continuation of the policy and vision of the Patriarch of Constantinople.

In such a situation, the role of Pan-Orthodox Councils will also change. They will either simply not be carried out, or they will turn into a mechanism of simple approval of decisions made in advance and approved by Phanar, ”writes the Telegram channel.

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