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  5. “Moscow initiates pseudo Moscow schism”, – OCU propagandist

“Moscow initiates pseudo Moscow schism”, – OCU propagandist

One of the propagandists of the OCU, Alexander Efremenko, outlined his vision of the goal and results of the conference “World Orthodoxy: Primacy and Sobornost in the Light of the Orthodox Doctrine”, which, in addition to the hierarchs of the ROC and the UOC, was attended by representatives of the Georgian, Serbian, Jerusalem, Cypriot Churches. According to Efremenko, “Moscow is preparing a pseudo-Moscow schism.”

“Cyril’s report is a blatant lie, and the entire conference was created only to search for a canonical and theological basis for condemning Constantinople and justifying our own whims. It is likely that the decision has already been made, and it is only necessary to formalize it. It is worth noting that this conference is just the beginning, soon a similar event will be held by the branch of the Moscow Patriarchate in Ukraine. We can already say that it will have the same goal.

However, all these attempts by Moscow to split the Ecumenical Orthodoxy are doomed to failure. After all, it is quite obvious that none of the Local Churches will go for this adventure. Therefore, the Moscow Patriarchate, having made any decisions at a future council, runs the risk of finding itself in complete canonical isolation. By their actions, they personally sign a verdict for themselves, and have every chance to go down in world history as the initiators of the pseudo-Moscow schism,” Efremenko said.

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