OCU seized 144 churches of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church

In addition, the statutes of about 500 UOC communities were illegally re-registered in favor of the schismatics. This is evidenced by the data that was announced today at a meeting of representatives of diocesan legal departments by the Chancellor of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Metropolitan Anthony (Pakanich), writes Pravblog.

According to hierarch, the adoption of a number of anti-church laws resulted in blatant statistics:

– illegal re-registration of religious communities of the UOC (about 500 cases, an approximate figure, because it happens secretly),

– raider seizures of temples (144 cases),

– beatings of clergy and laity, arson (26 cases),

– acts of vandalism (22 cases),

– robbery (42 cases),

– intimidation and blackmail that take place in the lives of believers of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

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